Monday 14 March 2016

Jewelled Web - March 2016 - Link Love


As if to confirm my own suspicion that I'd do better just hibernating, my blog posts over the last few months have been less than prolific. Ahem. I'm sure I'm not the only person who has the sensation that life, in one form or another, just melts away during the colder months and is replaced by an odd state that seems to consist of mainly listening to weather forecasts and hunting for signs of spring whilst gazing listlessly out of the window.

To ease myself back into the blogging world I'm starting with a new Jewelled Web, a little round up of what has had me clicking 'share' recently and what I've bookmarked to read later. I've also been having major issues with web access however, and out of the last couple of months I've only had a few days when I've had more than the ability to download a few emails. So if the list is a little short, or out-dated, then that might just be why.

Oh, and the wonderful hare in the photograph comes courtesy of West Green Pottery - the beautiful mug the hare lives on was bought for me for Christmas.

~jewellery links~

Such a wonderful brooch!

A tiny copper dancer that makes me smile...

I love this tutorial - very few words, none of them English and yet I think it's clear enough to follow (and the page does have a translate button).

Two beautiful rings found on Folksy - a spinning ring (I'm yet to make one of those) and a silver and gold antler ring.

How to etch copper.

A beautiful necklace made from copper wire.

More wire, another amazing necklace.

I've been experimenting with polymer clay again, but am not quite(!) up to the standards shown in the final photo of this post about combining stamps, clay and copper.

~non-jewellery links~

Bored Panda is dangerous - a little boy who flies through photos (and hopefully through his whole life); lonely robots paintings; body painting as art; wouldn't life be more fun if we all dressed as if we were from 18th century France?; beautiful libraries; embroidered paper; and the sky is just beautiful...

How I'd love to see firefall in Yosemite park...

In England last year we had to start paying for plastic carrier bags (except for in certain circumstances designed to complicate matters). Even if this is frustrating, it's also worth it if it stops this happening. And plastic in general may perhaps have to soon be thought of as a valuable resource - it is made from oil after all, of which we only have a finite supply.

To add to my paltry collection of non-plastic shoppers, I was given this beautiful bag for Christmas.

I think I would like to live here.

We've had some crazy weather this winter in the UK, resulting in things like waterfalls flowing upwards and centuries old bridges being washed away.

In the UK, poverty can mean a distinct lack of sanitary products.

Simple crafty makes to indulge in.

My Own Personal Book Club ~ the last few months, among other books, I've been reading...

The Paying Guests by Sarah Waters - Kind of sinister, then romantic, then really sinister, then surprisingly hopeful. Always recommended.

Polymer Clay Jewellery Workshop by Sian Hamilton -  A great collection of designs, some I recognise from Making Jewellery magazine. I even did some experimentation with my own neglected stash of polymer clay, so photos and a book review will follow...

Cinema Lumiere by Hattie Holden Edmonds - French cinema in London, loss, romance and love, a very good read.

(affiliate links included in the books listed - please check details here.)

Hope the sunshine that is out today continues for the rest of the month and spring really does feel like it's on its way...


  1. Thanks for the links - some lovely stuff.
    I sometimes wish I could hibernate from the day after my birthday in October until the end of March! But at least it's staying lighter for longer so Spring must get here soon :D

    1. It's good to know the it's not just me who long to hibernate ;) Yes, the lighter mornings and evenings are so wonderful - now we just need the temperature to improve!
      Thanks for the comment, glad you like the links :)

  2. oh that hare is gorgeous, I do love them!


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