Who, or what, is Silver Moss..?

Silver Moss jewellery was born out of a love of making jewellery, in silver.

Which, perhaps, is fairly obvious.

Several years ago I joined an evening class in silversmithing, out of curiosity more than anything else. I soon discovered it to be enthralling, addictive, and rather entrancing. I also discovered that family and friends really only want so much jewellery as gifts, year in year out. So I found that by opening a little online shop I could justify spending an afternoon bent over a soldering torch and piercing saw, without people scurrying away from me in case they ended up with yet more earrings for Christmas.

A little bit about me...

I love - silver, copper (increasingly), jewellery (obviously), tool catalogues (I’m not the only one), chocolate (unsurprisingly), reading (anything ebook and Kindle included), nature (leaves), gardening (plants. And trees), the sea, handbags (the more, the merrier), beautifully scented soap, hot chocolate in winter, home-made lemonade in summer, cake (any kind).

I'm not so keen on - grey days (too many), bad hair days (too many), rainy days (unless I’m staying in).

And the 'moss'? 

Initially, I wanted a word that sat nicely with 'silver', something that indicated how important an influence nature is on my work. As my jewellery making continues however, I like the idea that it gathers ideas together as I have branched out, tentatively, into polymer clay, copper, gemstones and even precious metal clay. For now, these experiments just feed my imagination, but they also all feed back into the silver, which always inspjres me. In other words, my stone is rolling (ahem), but is still gathering moss. Oh yes.

Thanks for visiting my blog. It's a little showcase for my work, somewhere to list inspirations and ideas, and somewhere to discuss the web, design, and crafts of all kinds. I hope you enjoy looking around.

Oh, and to the question "Is it Silver Moss or Silvermoss?", the answer is "Yes. Whichever you fancy..."

Want to say hello?

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