Thursday 30 April 2009

Around the beaches . . .

I'm back again. I've been away visiting family, friends, catching up with people I haven't seen in a long while. It's been good although busy. But I have managed an interesting feat of visiting all 'sides' of the mainland UK in a short space of time.

My first stop was the Moray Firth, looking north, lit by a wonderful fragile rainbow,

I flew by plane down over the Lake District, seeing a glinting stretch of the Irish Sea as I did so, and then visited it a little later, standing on the beach at Ravenglass where three rivers meet the sea.

Whitby and the North Sea,

seen also from a brief walk on the Cleveland Way, were dramatic and beautiful.

And York was full of tourists, sunshine and summer blue skies (but no beach . . .).

And then back to the Kent coast where, typically, I forgot to take a camera with me . . .

Now it's back to jewellery, to create from all that diverse inspiration. I'm also enrolled on an OU course, just starting, so creation and blogging may go a little quiet at times . . .