Thursday 4 December 2014

Jewelled Web - December 2014 - Link Love

Jewelled Web - December 2014 - silver moss jewellery

As you can tell by the tardiness of this post, December/Christmas/the end of the world year has caught me a little on the hop this time around. It feels like everything I do is pretty much playing catch up. But I figured a little respite through blogging would serve me well, if only in creating the (entirely false) impression that I really am on on top of things...

So, if you're feeling a little like me, put aside the online shopping, cast away the pile of Christmas cards to write and post, and entirely ignore the pile of bags that contain numerous gifts that needed wrapping... and take a look at some of these links instead...

~jewellery links~

A wonderful collection of stunning rings. (Be careful with the Bored Panda site as it's addictive. It's also got the kind of name that makes people wonder just how bored you were to find it...)

Searching for a genesis moment to define what you make?

A couple of great photographing jewellery posts, here and here.

Beautiful bird earrings!

It make feel quite wintery now (i.e. cold, dark, grey) but the thought of making sea glass jewellery takes me straight to the summer again...

I also must must must make one of these wrapped bead rings - I just love them.

~non-jewellery links~

Every year I get out a small plastic bag which contains a knitting pattern, wool, and a pair of needles. And every year I am yet again bested by yarn crafts. If I could knit, and well, I would knit these beautiful Mermaid gloves.

See how dangerous Bored Panda is? Check out these video-camera-toting squirrels. Also, fantastic DIY Christmas trees. Also, amazing photos that look like dreams. Also, the memories this little boy will wonder why he hasn't got when he looks at these photos in twenty years time. Also - okay, I'm stopping now.

What would your four-year-old self do?

Such a pretty notebook.

How to keep your arms warm in winter (and feel like an elf!).

Too many choices can be worse than not enough?

And, finally, I shall be listening to my wonderful digital radio this month, mainly tuned to Smooth Christmas - well worth a listen if you love Christmas music.


Enjoy your December as best you can - I will try to do the same! Now, where are those Christmas cards...?