Friday 1 April 2016

Jewelled Web - April 2016 - Link Love

The sea in the spring...

Easter was very early this year and perhaps that's why the weather seemed a little colder than normal. Okay, Good Friday was sunny and bright and quite beautiful, but the following days had a sting of cold in the air, rain and strong winds. The occasional blast of sunlight was noticed and enjoyed though.

This Jewelled Web comes closer than normal on the heels of my previous one but I still hope you find something of interest - after all, the web turns up gems pretty much every day of the year...

~jewellery links~

Much of the jewellery I make - and that I own - is pretty small and delicate so I loved the finds in this post about tiny necklaces.

I've never added a patina to my silver but I must try to do so, and sooner than later. I've bookmarked this, this and this in preparation. Next is to invest in some chemicals (or eggs). Any hints welcome in the comments!

Aluminium as an alternative to silver? I love this and this.

Fusing rather than soldering is a fascinating topic (video) ... as is soldering with an iron rather than a torch.

Bored Panda is as addictive as ever and it does jewellery! Carved silver bookmarks that tell a story and tiny scenes set in resin rings.

~non-jewellery links~

How to build a minimal wardrobe - lots of links.

A fascinating library to explore online.

More Bored Panda ... Norway in the winter and a Nap Bar in Dubai (hands up who needs one of those lounge-chairs at home?).

Decorating in black and white.

How to have a holiday in an owl.

I'm not on Instagram. I do think about going on Instagram. Then it seems that lots of people want to leave Instagram 'cos of an algorithm. This might explain it a little. I hope.

Such a beautiful quilt. If I only I could sew...

A steampunk elephant, from start to finish.

~My Own Personal Book Club ~

I've been reading...

The Museum of Extraordinary Things by Alice Hoffman - sad and beautiful all at once. A writer always worth reading. If you loved the film Practical Magic, based on one of her novels, then you'll love this.

The Watchers by Neil Spring - spooky and eerie and a little bit odd... The same writer wrote the book that Harry Price - Ghost Hunter (on UK TV over Christmas) was based on.

(affiliate links included in the books listed - please check details here.)

The clocks have just gone forward and the evenings are lighter, so spring must be on its way now, surely. Hope you have a good April.

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