Thursday 1 October 2015

Jewelled Web - October 2015 - Link Love


September has left us with sunshine (and moonlit nights), despite the feeling that this summer has been the wettest I can remember for a good while. I am prepared to forgive that at the present, however, when moving into October the sun is still earth quite nicely and I've got blackberries, raspberries, and even some very confused strawberries fruiting in my garden.

Here's some links, although I do recommend reading them whilst basking in the autumn rays...

~jewellery links~

Ever find yourself with an 'essential' jewellery tool that used to be something else entirely...? At one point my entire collection of mandrels were 're-purposed'...

I've been making some jewellery with cord lately so this tutorial may save me some calculating headaches about how much cord I actually need.

If you do shows then this tutorial for a ring display stand could be very useful.

The 100 top selling jewellery makers on Etsy for 2014 - unless I missed it, not one from the UK.

How to make perfectly round loops in metal (you need to register (for free) on this site to access the tutorials).

These earrings are so, so pretty, beautifully detailed, and perfect for the autumn.

I'm rereading this tutorial on how to drill glass, after being requested to make a necklace in the same material - although I suspect I'll make a bezel instead...

~non-jewellery links~

I'm still giddy with the fact I was lucky enough to see the lunar eclipse - no clouds whatsoever for much of the event. I saw the start of it, missed a little bit, then watched from totality to totally normal again. It was a little like this, but without the sea, the island, or, thankfully, the lightning storm in the distance.

Also in the sky, the Northern Lights from space, and winning photographs of the skies...

Why is everyone succeeding except me? I've not read this yet but I must...

It's good to think outside the box, in every part of life, including home furnishing - so I like this idea of using outdoor light fixtures inside your house.

Fancy sleeping in the sea?

'Self-care' sounds a bit of a twee principle but it also kind of makes perfect sense...

Surprisingly sweet - a DIY pom pom wall hanging. Seriously.

My Own Personal Book Club ~ this month I've been reading...

Michel Faber's The Book of Strange New Things - science fiction but unlike any I've read before, no detailed explanation of space travel or space craft, just the minutia of human, and non-human, life. Makes you think and may make you cry.

Metal Clay Jewellery by Natalia Colman, full of good, clear images and inventive ideas (review to follow).

Half of the Human Race by Anthony Quinn, a book loaned to me and nearly finished now. Sweeping and dramatic, taking in women's suffrage, the First Word War and, yes, cricket, but also focused on the small details that make up a life. I'm still enjoying this and am glad it's a long one...

(affiliate links included in the books listed - please check details here.)

Hope the start of your October is as sunny as mine is - and long may it continue!


  1. Very interesting collection of links here, as usual. Like your idea of blogging once a month....

    1. So pleased you like the links, I do appreciate the comment :)


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