Thursday 8 September 2011

Earrings . . . for a friend

It's always nice to have a special occasion to make someone special something special for. A dear friend I hadn't seen in a while treated me to lunch last month and, as a little thank you, I made her a pair of earrings.

These are they, and another pair I've made in the same design:

Sunday 4 September 2011

Silver Findings

Ready made sterling silver findings are available in many online shops but I've always enjoyed the challenge, and satisfaction, of making my own. I've created many in the past, most of them long-attached to necklaces, bracelets and earrings and either sold or given away as gifts.

Here are some photos of a selection I've made this summer:

Earwires -

Catches, hooks and eyes - ideal for necklaces

Toggle clasps - ideal for bracelets

Little pieces of silver turned into pleasing shapes and designs and all with a strong purpose and goal in mind that informs the design - to hold things firm.

And, on a different note, I played around with the idea of making a silver key. It's only tiny, and quite simple, but I like it.

Thursday 25 August 2011

Green leaves . . .

I love fluorite gemstones (both green and purple) and these chips are some of many I've enjoyed using with silver.

Incorportaing these into this bracelet with the little silver leaves just seemed a perfect way to use the beads and I'm really pleased with the outcome (hence the devotion of an entire blog post to the bracelet).

Saturday 2 July 2011

Forays into clay, part two

A few more polymer beads I've created.

I'm going to buy more clay soon, experimenting with different colours and brands. I'm also hoping to get some liquid clay, at some point. But am trying to stay with the basics for now.

Friday 17 June 2011

Forays into clay, part one

I was given some polymer clay last year and have finally found some time to experiment a little with it. Okay, I was a bit nervous too. But I was surprised at how easy it is to get some rather impressive effects, even if I do say so myself. . .

More beads, and photos, to follow. I'm certainly not putting silver jewellery making aside (I have too many tools for a start!), but I'm enjoying exploring other fields a little. I plan to experiment some more with polymer clay and I also have some copper wire - I'm going to discover just how similar/dissimilar it is to silver.

Tuesday 31 May 2011

Still around . . .

My far-off thoughts of having time to throw myself into making jewellery this year have failed to make their way into reality and, given it's nearly June, I'm resigned to another 'slow' year on the creation front.

But, thankfully, people still insist on having birthdays and the like and so I've found myself piecing together bits of workshop and silver in various rooms (and houses) and finding time and room for these few items.

The ring was left unsoldered to allow it to fit any finger, or thumb, without needing measurements - asking always gives the game away.

The simplest of the three to make and rather fun allowing the curve of the silver wire to dictate the curve of the letter.

I enjoyed making the letters although getting them the same length was surprisingly challenging - I think rushing to a deadline doesn't help . . . But the posts were handmade and hand-soldered, which was tricky and not particularly fun work that proved rather satisfying once it was done. I chickened out of making the butterflies myself though. Time was far too pressing for that kind of commitment.

It's only May (just). Time still for this year to be abundant and productive. Here's hoping . . .