Thursday 27 November 2014

The Round The World Blog Hop - Silver Moss Jewellery

baroque earrings - silver moss jewellery I must confess that when I was first contacted about being involved in the Round The World Blog Hop, I'd not heard of it before. Perhaps part of the reason why it hadn’t crossed my notice is that no one seems to know where it was started or by whom... (if you do know, then do share the information please!)

So, if like I did, you need bringing up to date then let me tell you that the idea behind the Blog Hop is for creative bloggers, of any kind, to write a post based around four simple questions. The answers they provide gives an insight into their creative thoughts and processes. The blog ‘baton’ is then passed on to another artisan and so the trip around the globe continues.

Emma from Little Cherry Hill has passed this baton to me. Her blog centres around her wonderful jewellery, consisting of silver and gemstones, put together with heaps of inspiration and imagination to create stunningly beautiful jewellery. It's well worth checking out as her her own great Round The World post here.

Here are the four questions, and my answers, along with a few photos as well. Hope you enjoy.

1. What am I working on?

I've just finished making a gift this very day, but aside from that I've been working on creating silver leaves from wire (which I love to do) and developing an idea I had earlier in the year for simple circles of wire combined with circles of melted silver.

jupiter trio - silver moss jewellery

Heart shapes have apeared on my work bench lately (another design I love to make), as has a little copper wire. My stash of gemstones is a little neglected at the moment, as is my copper clay, but I'm hoping to at least utilise the former very soon as I've been playing around with some 'charm' ideas to use with them.

I've also been making some silver leaves as I find they tend to inspire at any time of year, whether it’s when they fall to the ground in the breeze and pool in stunning colours, when they start to shrivel and hide under snow, when they begin to bud and are so fresh and new, or when they’re in their prime, rich with summer colour and life.

new leaves - silver moss jewellery 

2. How does my work differ from others in its genre?

My work tends to be quite personal and led by the materials I have at hand - I don't tend to order supplies in very often and like to find inspiration in what I find in front of me when I open my box of wire, sheet and remnants from previous projects.

Much of what I create is very delicate-looking, a style I've always enjoyed working in. Whilst silver sheet has many uses, the way wire can be moulded and manipulated with pliers (and fingers!) allows me to express designs in a satisfying manner most of the time anyway. I also enjoy the challenge of making sure the finished piece is far tougher than it looks by work-hardening it with hammers and polishing.

citrine and silver - silver moss jewellery

3. Why do I write/create what I do?

I create silver jewellery because I love to do so. I find it frustrating, difficult and even painful at times, and yet the joy of a finished piece is pretty wonderful. I'm often tempted by the thought of dabbling in other crafts, but have built up years of experience working with silver and find that is so valuable in helping me create when I have in my mind's eye. I also believe that focus is very important and that concentrating on one craft will allow that focus to become ever more sharp and honed. I also know that I need to keep reminding myself of this as it’s too easy to get distracted!

dragonfly - silver moss jewellery

I love being inspired by the natural world, as in the dragonfly pendant I made (above) and enjoy creating variations on what I originally make - the wings of the dragonfly 'evolved' from the designs of the earrings shown in the photo right at the top of this post. I enjoy developing style ideas, especially in my wire leaves and hearts; they both lend themselves to this as it’s far easier to make them different than to make them alike!

4. How does my writing/creating process work?

Much of my inspiration comes from nature, seeing the lines and curves that exist in trees and leaves and plants has a big impact on me. Once I have an idea the best way to hold it so I can work on it later (because, of course, inspiration strikes when you're nowhere near a workbench) is to do a very rough scribble of it in a notebook. That allows me to return to the idea and elaborate upon it which I normally do by working in the material I want to create it in.

jupiter earrings - silver moss jewellery

This allows me to know whether the piece of jewellery will actaully work in its finished form and whether I have to tools to create it how I want to make it look. Then, once I have a prototype made up I can develop the style to add flourishes and refinements.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading through my responses to the questions. It’s been an interesting process answering them; although they seem quite simple queries, you can mine them fairly deeply to find things that clarify why we do what we do.

I'm passing the Round The World Blog Hop baton onto Heather from Moon River Jewellery who works in silver clay and creates the most beautiful leaves and butterflies, as well as special 'fingerprint' jewellery amongst other wonderful items.

Wednesday 19 November 2014

Instant fame

As I mentioned in my last Jewelled Web, I've been featured in a magazine this month, the December (I know! I never understand magazine dates either...) issue of Make and Sell Jewellery, which is a very nice magazine even if I do say so myself, and am slightly biased this month at the very least...

I often have a bit of trouble finding the magazine but, this month, eventually spotted a copy tucked away at the back of the shelf at WH Smiths, who obviously don't appreciate how important jewellery mags really are.

make & sell jewellery magazine dec 14 - silver moss blogmake and sell jewellery magazine dec 14 - silver moss blog

Rather nervously (how odd to feel that) flicking through the issue (too impatient to check the contents...well, I did try but realised I wasn’t sure what subject heading I’d be under) I found myself (so to speak) on page 18, (subject heading - Bookmark This! (sub-heading - Blog of the Month)) along with several photos of my work and a link to this very blog.

It was a slightly awkward feeling... I've noticed many jewellery makers seem to be very much behind-the-scenes type of people, letting the jewellery they create do the talking, and I guess I'm no different, so being in a magazine, even in a small way, feels a little... revealing.

Anyway, do let me know if you pick up a copy and check out my mini-interview and my moment of glory!

Monday 10 November 2014

Interview - KS Jewellery Designs

Welcome to the first of my interviews with fellow jewellery makers.

One of the joys of blogging when you also craft is 'discovering' other makers on the net, and Kristin of KS Jewellery Designs has always been one my favourites.

Kristin's work is characterised by its intricate use of silver and often includes gemstones in a variety of different types. She also sells detailed tutorials of some her wirework designs.

I hope you enjoy finding out a little more about her and her beautiful work...

When and how did you start making jewellery?

I first decided to have a go at making jewellery back in 2007.  I bought a cheap ‘Make Your Own Bracelet’ kit from eBay which came with materials and instructions.  Using my husband’s old tools, I made a bead charm bracelet.  I was very proud of it, although it didn’t last long and the charms kept falling off!  It was then I decided to look into better methods for attaching beads and, following a book I borrowed from the library,I learnt how to make a ‘wrapped loop’.  My journey had started.

I developed my wirework skills over a number of years and then in 2013, I attended an adult education class for one day a week in silversmithing.  I challenged myself to learn a new skill or learn how to use a new tool every week.  My teacher was brilliant and I tried to absorb as much information from her as possible, asking lots of questions and picking her brain about soldering issues I was having at home.  She was very patient with me and, after two terms, I felt I was able to go it alone and learn from my own experiences, in other words ‘mistakes’!  I am still learning and experimenting but it’s so much fun.

How did you think of your shop name and does it have a story behind it?

I started off selling my jewellery under the name ‘K S Sparkles’!  I had a small stock of beaded jewellery for sale in my local post office and was delighted if anyone bought anything.  However, after reading a book entitled ‘Marketing and Selling your Jewellery’ by VikiLareau, I learnt that ‘brand’ is very important and it said that ideally your company name should include what you do/sell.  As I design and sell jewellery pieces and wirework tutorial designs, I ended up with ‘K S Jewellery Designs’.  Not very exciting I know!

Where do your design ideas come from and what is the process that sees them through to the finished product? Do you doodle on paper or take photos for inspiration? Do your designs then evolve on paper or in your hand as you make them? Do you experiment with the metal you create finished designs in, or do you use a base/cheaper metal for experimentation?

I love using flower and leaves in my jewellery designs, so I suppose I am influenced by nature.  However, in saying that, you will not find me sketching real flowers and trees.  I do take lots of photos of flowers but I like to zoom into the centre of a flower with my macro lens to capture pattern and shapes.

I regularly use a sketchbook in my design process, sometimes just to draw out a quick idea that I don’t want to forget and other times to develop a swirl or a shape into a jewellery design I will then go on to make.  My designs are simplified versions of nature, focusing on shapes and lines. I always say to people that the flowers in my jewellery are like the flower doodles I drew through my childhood but now I am doodling with wire.

KS Jewellery Designs - Tutorial image

Sometimes my jewellery designs come from playing with wire and a pair of pliers.  For example, the subject of my latest wirework tutorial, Swirl Leaves, came about when I was at a craft fair looking for something to do during the quiet times.  I picked up my tools and started making shapes with wire.  I used to use plated craft wire to practise my designs but it has its limitations and becomes brittle with too much bending.  Now I prefer to trial designs with copper wire first. It is very soft and malleable, as well as being much cheaper than sterling silver.

Where do you create your jewellery; do you have your own studio or use a kitchen table? Does your physical space affect how you work and what you create?

I am very lucky to have my workbench in our sitting room overlooking the back garden which is a step away through a patio door.  We have a large open plan L-shaped room and my workspace covers one wall.  I used to do all my jewellery making at a small computer table but now I have a long workbench with storage and shelving that my clever husband built for me.  Working within the family living area has its advantages and disadvantages.  It is good because most of the time I can get on with my jewellery making and still be aware of everyone else and not feel cut off from the rest of my family.  However, as you can imagine, sometimes I would love to have a door to shut so I could concentrate without the distractions.  I am quite a messy worker with tools and materials everywhere but because my workbench cannot be hidden away, I do have to keep it tidy especially if we have guests.

How do you motivate yourself to keep on creating?

In the past I have had periods when I have felt my ‘mojo’ has left me.  It would often happen after a long holiday or maybe after Christmas when I had hardly thought about my jewellery making let alone created anything. I am pleased to say that motivation is not a problem for me at the moment as I always have lots of things to keep me occupied and seem to never have enough time.  With the onset of Christmas, I am trying to build up my stock for future craft fairs.  I get quite a lot of ring orders from my websites so I regularly have custom orders to complete. There are often new wirework designs I could develop into a tutorial, as well as new designs I want to try and make.

KS Jewellery Design - silver heart ring

What jewellery making tools could you just not do without, and what tool/item is on your wish list?

My chain nose pliers are the most important tool to me, without them I couldn’t shape wire.  I have had several pairs over the years and have learnt to buy the best quality I can afford.  After that, I would have to say my hammer and little stainless steel bench block.  Most of my jewellery gets some form of hammering or texturing at some point.  I also have a little set of needle files that are in constant use along with lots of different grade of sanding pads and emery paper.

If money was no object, I would buy a rolling mill.  I used one during my silversmithing class and it was so much fun and I realised it offers endless possibilities of adding texture to metal.  I can only dream about that.

Do you take your own photos, and if so do you have any photography hints?

I take lots of photos of my jewellery, not just the finished article but often photos of work in progress for my records and also to post on my Facebook page.  My camera is Fuji Finepix and I love the macro setting as it means I can get real close-up photos.  I take all of my photos in natural light from the patio door near my workbench and use a large mirror to one side to reflect light back onto my jewellery pieces.  A bright cloudy day is best.  Full sunshine is impossible to take photos in, so I try and take my photos in the earlier or later part of the day.

Which social media platform do you find the most enjoyable and helpful, and how do you use it?

I am on Facebook several times a day and try to post to my business Facebook page every day, if possible.  I try to vary what I post about, so as well as posting about new jewellery pieces I have for sale, I like showing work in progress, giving information about my next craft fair or maybe detailing a giveaway.  I also follow lots of other crafters and designers on Facebook and love seeing and reading what they have been up to.  There are so many talented people out there in this big wide world.

KS Jewellery Designs - selection in silver and amethyst

Thanks so much for the interview, Kristin. If you'd like to see more of Kristin's work then check her out elsewhere on the net -

Saturday 8 November 2014

Ahoy, Nautilus Earrings!

Okay, please forgive the truly awful title for this post... I have been to the sea today and I have finished some sea-inspired earrings and it all got too much for me... well, that's my excuse anyway...

While I don't have any photos of the sea (which is unfortunate as the waves were truly magnificent in the stormy winds, despite the gentle sunlight), I do have some images of nautilus shell earrings I've made and listed on Folksy today.

nautilus shell earrings - silvermoss jewellery
I really enjoyed making these, despite the difficulties of getting the curves just right (without using a jig), and making sure I created two that matched as well as possible.

nautilus shell earrings - silver moss jewellery

I'm going to make a matching necklace and perhaps a bracelet too, and I have some very sweet little pearl beads that I think would look wonderful with this design.

Hope your weekend, whether filled with sea spray or not, is a good one.

Monday 3 November 2014

Jewelled Web - November 2014 - Link Love

jewelled web nov 14 photo jewelled_web_nov14.jpg
Such a mild and sometimes sunny October we've had in the UK! It's been quite wonderful. A couple of days were so mild it was t-shirt weather and I dreamed of how much nicer the colder months would be if the temperatures were only just that little bit warmer than it really is... I know, I know, be careful what you wish for or you end up with climate change and the seas covering the land...

I'm a little late with posting my Jewelled Web links this month - unfortunately I've been spending some time at hospital with family lately and it takes it toll in lots of ways, but it's good to be able to float around the net, when I can, all the same.

Here's some of what I've discovered on the web and what I'm looking forward to reading this coming month of fireworks and frosts...

~jewellery links~

 Nice, bold and bright beads create a simple necklace from polymer clay and cord.

3-D jewellery printing sounds exciting and ambitious. And if this algal bloom pendant and these bird and cage earrings are examples of what can be created using computers then it must be worth keeping an eye on. This starfish necklace is also pretty amazing...

If it isn't wrong to buy yourself a Christmas gift then I may have to treat myself to this bronze fox ring...

although I also love these Steampunk rings...

and I'm rather partial to a unicorn pendant as well...

Some great ideas for making your own earring cards - my personal favouite is the paint colour cards; look out DIY shops!

Pricing jewellery? These two features here and here both look interesting and helpful.

A great tutorial on making simple hammered hoop earrings.

More stone setting. It's on my list. I think these posts and pictures might inspire; here and here and here.

~non-jewellery links~

I love this map of the constellations of autumn...featured on this great web site They Draw and Travel.

A list of Google's easter eggs. Ideal for a rainy afternoon if you've nothing else to do...!

How to turn a day from a snail into a hare. Metaphorically speaking.

I reckon batching might speed a day up as well, productivity wise...

Very handy (and pretty) infographic cheat sheet about photography and what all those numbers really mean...

How to empty the container; wise words indeed.

What fragrance does the moon have?

The About Page. Does your need work? Mine does so I'm collecting advice about how to re-do it. Here's where I'll start reading... Then I'll visit this article... and then I'll stop off here too...


Hospital visits aside, it's an exciting month coming up as I'm featured in a magazine, Make and Sell Jewellery (I've yet to get my hands on a copy but I will very soon!), and I'm also starting a series on my blog of interviews with other jewellery makers...the first feature should be appearing perhaps later this week.

And, as an aside, if you regularly read the Jewelled Web posts and wonder if the photo I've used this month looks familiar, then it is... trawling through my archives I discovered I used a similar image for October 2013... obviously those leaves in the garden persuade me to get my camera out every year...! I'll have to check the dates of the photos to see if I took them at around the same time, or if autumn really is later this year...