Monday, 22 July 2013

Where I am...

It's been a quiet month for me, on the web at least. I've battled flu and am still battling general wonkiness of the back and neck. None of this in conducive to sitting down, bashing silver, and creating jewellery wonders. And it hasn't inclined me to spend much time on the net either, which doesn't help when that's where my jewellery, once made, lives. My Folksy shop has been a little quiet, although I am in the gentle process of remedying that...

But, thankfully, the sun has come out at last - it may make it even harder to do things in my studio (it's too hot, who wants to be stuck inside if you've got an opportunity to be outside, etc), but it feels such a relief after the wet non-summer of last year and the long, chilled winter the UK endured this last turn of the seasons. I love the warmth, how it seeps into your skin and bones, and makes you feel more alive. I hope, soon, I can try and translate some of that into my jewellery.

I've given myself a little summer treat (by way of Tesco Clubcard vouchers) and have signed myself up to a year's subscription of Making Jewellery magazine. I adore magazines (of many a subject) but have found the prices increasingly prohibitive, so this is a real indulgence for me - no many sneaky reads of this particular mag from the racks in the supermarket! For the other mags I'd love to peruse, well, for now it still won't be at my leisure, at home with a tall glass of lemonade... but hopefully a quick flick through can still reveal ideas and inspiration...

And because it's summer, and I love gardens, and gardening, and the blooms are just beautiful, I won't inflict a photo of the rubbish heap that is my work-table on you, but will instead share some wonderful flowers. I hope your summer is sunny and just the way you like it.


  1. Sorry to hear you've been feeling unwell, it really isn't nice when it happens, so I hope you feel better soon. Good luck with your endeavours with the jewellery making/ finding inspiration :) I'm sure the summer will inspire you, Safxxx

    1. Thanks so much, Saf, I'm looking forward to being a bit further down the road to feeling much better! :) The weather has been sweltering today, but I'm not complaining as it makes such a change from 'normal' English summer weather!


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