Thursday 6 June 2013

Spam and peace

spring flowers in bloom

It's been a little quiet around these parts lately... in some respects at least. While I've not blogged for a while I have received many a visitor, although a fair few of these have been by way of spam comments. When I checked my blog recently I was slightly surprised at how many views it was getting, moderately amazed at how many page views a specific, and relatively obscure, post was getting, and a tad disappointed to uncover a rather excessive amount of spam comments, mainly on that post.

So, for now, all comments on my blog are moderated. If you leave a comment (and it's a genuine one and not an attempt to sell me, or anyone else, something they wouldn't really come to a blog about jewellery to find), then it may take a little while to show up, so forgive me.

As for me? Well, I'm pleased to report my period of quiet isn't because I've been too busy aiming spam at blogs to bother to post here. I've had a break of sorts, from both jewellery making, and *deep breath* the internet. Okay, the breath didn't have to be too deep as I still had some web access, but it was limited enough to make blogging beyond possible.

Did I enjoy this? Well, I've had times away from the net before, when staying with friends or family (or just when it stops working!), and it's a mixture of relief at being away from the pressure and weight of it all, combined with missing it too. I go from feeling overwhelmed by things to do, things to read, things to learn, and the sheer possibility the web lays at your feet, to feeling slightly lost when I can't get to it and indulge in all those things and kid tell myself that I will get more organised and structured, that I'll blog on certain days, pin on certain topics, and limit my blog reading and commenting to just three a day...

Of course, that never happens (so far), not least becuase when I am away from the web the chances are high that the blogs I love will keep on being posted to, and I'll just have to indulge in some catch up time when I get back to the www...

But I've got plans a-plenty, both for living better digitally, and for blog writing and jewellery making too... while I may not have been making much lately, I have been reading and, most importantly, planning. I hope to have something to show you very soon.

In other news, winter has finally given way to spring (see photo above!), the countryside is green again, and life feels a little easier at long, long last... I hope it's the same with you.


  1. Beautiful flowers and welcome back to blog world. I hate all those spam comments too - do they really work for them?
    Kristin :)

    1. Hi Kristin, thanks for the welcome back, and for your reply :) It's so nice to have one from a real person! ;) I find it hard to believe that anyone clicks on links in spam comments but perhaps it's a number game - one click per every thousand spams or something silly - either way, very annoying when you have no intention of clicking!

  2. I'm glad you got to have a break from everything, sometimes its good to just switch off and relax :) Good luck with your jewellery making/ blogging plans...I can understand wanting to restrict internet usage each day, I have that debate with myself all the time, its a lovely distraction, but still a distraction! But good luck with it all. I love the flower picture too, spring is defiantly here :) Safxxx

    1. Hi Saffa, thanks so much for your message, it can do such good to have a break away from things, even things you enjoy :) I know exactly what you mean about distractions too! Fingers crossed spring stays around - it keeps getting cold here, and we have such a breeze every day right now!

  3. So poignant that you blogged about this today - thanks for making the first genuine comment on my blog for ages! I get bombarded with spam too, specially since I moved from blogger. I seem to have lost my lovely commentors, and attracted vast amounts of spammers.

    looking forward to hearing about your new designs :)

  4. Hi Rachel, sorry you've been suffering with spam too - it's so horrible and seems so pointless too. Don't tell anyone but it's quietened down lately around these here parts - hope it has for you too :)


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