Monday, 29 July 2013

The Jewelled Web - July 2013

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It's been a little while since I've done a monthy round up of my web travels but here's another set of links, mainly jewellery and craft/selling based but with a few others thrown in, for you to peruse if you fancy...(and if you'd like to look through the others then check out this page on my blog devoted to them)

Why it's important to start thinking about Christmas in July... you know it makes sense - words of wisdom via Create and Thrive.

Need to be reminded, in a very attractive way, of what success looks like? The consider the merits of printing this out and hanging it up in your workspace.

I'm still a little nervous of the copper I've found myself with, both wire and sheet, and especially the clay. But I'm hoping starting with something relatively simple like this tutorial on creating colour in copper by using heat will help increase my confidence and get me using it, all of it, that much more.

The perfect wire gauge for hoop earrings by Cinnamon Jewellery.

Promoting an online shop is a combination of hard work and persistence, with a more than a little downright confusion thrown in. This is a great, detailed post about how to go about 'selling' your shop. Well worth a read.

Fascinating post about alternatives to pickle - I've never been a fan of the sulphuric acid based pickle, and certainly not for use at home, so am always on the look out for other substances to use. This post recommends...salt and vinegar... you make the decision about adding chips though!

Dreaming and rebranding, a great article with some excellent insights.

I think I'll take part in the August Break this year - can't see me posting photos everyday but it's pretty relaxed about such things and you can join up any time you like. A great way to find new blogs, and see some wonderful images.

And a bumper list of photography tutorials - reading through all these hints, and then trying them out, must make anyone a better photographer!

Do feel free to leave links in the comments to favourite posts, either one you've written or a gem you may have found. Hope your July was good, both on and off the web.


  1. Ah, I use the salt and vinegar pickle can certainly make your eyes water when it's hot! I've never tried a commercial pickle to compare....sometimes I'll follow up on my copper pieces with some PennyBright cleaner :)

    1. Ooo, thanks for the Pennybright tip, that sounds very interesting.
      I've used alum and the scary acid pickle in the past, and so far have come to the conclusion that whatever you use, use it hot! Although I'm not sure I could cope with hot vinegar!

  2. You have some great links here, I'll pop over to them during the week for a good nosey.

    Jan x

  3. These are brilliant, thank you! I've bookmarked the photography tutorial :)


    1. Thanks for your comment, hope the links are helpful :)


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