Wednesday, 30 January 2013

The Jewelled Web - January 2013

Brr, but it's been a cold month. The post-Christmas-lag has hit me pretty hard this January, but I'm battling through, pushed on by the fact that it's nearly a twelfth of the way through the year already ... I have enjoyed being snowed in by the weather last week ... although the novelty wears off fast!

snowfall on ice
Snowfall on ice

Searching for inspiration on the web this month, it's partly been an exercise in procrastination (see above re post-Christmas-lag) ... but if you also fancy a little break from your normal reads, then click on the links of some of my favourite finds this month (but not all from this month!)

Ever have trouble fixing posts to the back of earrings? Then check this post out, by Jibby & Juna

Beautiful earrings created from metal forged to look like birch bark. And a poem by Robert Frost thrown in for free.

A hint or two on where to find inspiration when it seems to have not only hidden but left the country ... I know that feeling!

Ethical Metalsmiths - this seems to be a US only site but it still makes fascinating reading when you care about where your materials come from.

Fancy having a go at Steampunk? Take a look at this tutorial. I've been collecting any and all broken watches for a while myself now ...

Beautiful and inspiring metal keys.

Fancy being adventurous this weekend? Make your own Shibuichi.

And a few non-jewellery items ...

In the middle of a fifteen piece series that aims to help you get organised - part three looks at organising your home HQ.

A beautiful new year resolution.

Cornwall in the snow - click on the images to make them bigger and enjoy the beauty.

Need inspiration for a gift for your loved one? Only just Remembered it's Valentine's Day very soon? Take a look at this.

Hope you've had a good month, snow or sun.


  1. Thank you so much for your kind words and mentioning my work in your blog, I feel truly honoured! I understand how you feel with the January blues, am feeling similarly at the mo, hope you feel better and inspired soon :) safxxx

  2. Aw, thank you so much :) And it's a pleasure to feature your work, when it's simply so beautiful and inspiring. Inspiration is what we all need at the moment, I think!

  3. Thank you for the mention - there are some beautiful links here!

  4. Thank you for the link, and thank you for your compliments, I'm working really hard right now and can't wAit to see an end to January it's been an uphill hike, role on warm summer evenings and a proper chance to reflect I miss the light. These dark days seem endless


  5. Aw, sorry it's been such a harsh month for you. It's a hard time of year, I think. Yes, am looking forward to some spring soon - and warmer weather!

  6. Great links:) I keep meaning to give Steampunk a go, using Fimo. Love the organisation tips and snowy photos and the lovely nature drawings...

    I finally did that post about my sketchbooks and notebooks:

    Better late than never I guess!
    Vic x

  7. Thanks for leaving the link to your post - it's well worth reading :)

    Glad you like the links too :)


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