Thursday 25 August 2011

Green leaves . . .

I love fluorite gemstones (both green and purple) and these chips are some of many I've enjoyed using with silver.

Incorportaing these into this bracelet with the little silver leaves just seemed a perfect way to use the beads and I'm really pleased with the outcome (hence the devotion of an entire blog post to the bracelet).


  1. It's gorgeous, no wonder you want to keep it yourself!

  2. Thanks for the compliment - I've just been brave and listed it on Folksy though!

  3. That is gorgeous, can`t imagine it will stay in your shop long.

  4. It's been far too long since we were last in touch - I've been keeping an eye on what you've been doing, and your work just keeps getting more and more exquisite!

    Hope you're keeping well :) xx

  5. It's lovely to hear from you! So glad you're still reading the blog and seeing what I'm doing. I enjoy checking out you blog and shop too, and seeing the latest creations and how sweet they are :-)

    Hope you're doing okay as well. Take care :-)

  6. I Love this, it would be perfect for my wedding, I've looked on Folksy, but it's not on there anymore, is there anyway I could get on?!

  7. Sorry! This bracelet sold pretty quickly on Folksy. Hoping to make another similar some time soon though :)


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