Tuesday 31 May 2011

Still around . . .

My far-off thoughts of having time to throw myself into making jewellery this year have failed to make their way into reality and, given it's nearly June, I'm resigned to another 'slow' year on the creation front.

But, thankfully, people still insist on having birthdays and the like and so I've found myself piecing together bits of workshop and silver in various rooms (and houses) and finding time and room for these few items.

The ring was left unsoldered to allow it to fit any finger, or thumb, without needing measurements - asking always gives the game away.

The simplest of the three to make and rather fun allowing the curve of the silver wire to dictate the curve of the letter.

I enjoyed making the letters although getting them the same length was surprisingly challenging - I think rushing to a deadline doesn't help . . . But the posts were handmade and hand-soldered, which was tricky and not particularly fun work that proved rather satisfying once it was done. I chickened out of making the butterflies myself though. Time was far too pressing for that kind of commitment.

It's only May (just). Time still for this year to be abundant and productive. Here's hoping . . .


  1. Lovely earrings, you clearly have a lot of skill there ( I wouldn't dare go near a solder as v. likely to cause total mayhem!)

  2. Thanks for the comment :-) I used to be like that with a soldering torch but it's surprising how you get used to them - in the end ;-)


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