Friday 22 May 2009

Sea shells, sea shells, and silver and pearls . . .

Here's a selection of pendants/necklaces I've made up, based around sea shells (all found by me on beaches on the south coast and in the fantastic Channel Islands), with a bit of silver and some gemstones and pearls. I'd love to know what you think and which one is your favourite!

Just a simple pearl added to this one . . .

Labradorite and citrine . . .

A heart made from rose quartz . . .

More pearls . . .

Citrine and rock crystal gems . . .

Rock crystal chip and an amethyst button . . .

Labradorite, pearls and honey jade . . .

Purple fluorite . . .


  1. They are all really lovely but I particularly like the first one with the simple pearl - it's just perfect! I also like the one with Purple Fluorite - you've matched it up really well with the shell - v.effective. It all looks really original and different - you should be really pleased with yourself!

  2. Oh how lovely - definately the last one for me, the topshell and flourite as I love purple.
    BTw I ahve moved my blog to - hope to maybe see you over there sometime.

  3. They're beautiful, my favourite is the first one.jonestom60

  4. Ah, so people like simplicty and purple. Have to admit, I kind of like the first one too. Thanks so much for the comments.

    And thanks for the link to your new blog address, Beadypool! I'm off to visit!

  5. They are all beautiful! The two that work the best for me are the ones you've titled "More pearls" and "Labradorite, pearls and honey jade".

    And your photography is just stunning!

  6. Hi Linden. Wow, thansk for the comment on my photos - you're making me blush!

    I liked the shells in those two pictures you mentioned. They came with the holes naturally in them, which is always a bonus - drilling holes in shells can be tricky!

  7. All of these designs are so pretty. I love the daintiness of them all, but I like the first one's simplicity! x

  8. The first one definately seems to be the favourite . . . thanks for your comments, Mollimoo! (Love your name too!)


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