Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Fishes . . .

I really really like these fish . . .

I found them on this beautiful blog where I like pretty much everything else too!

Ooo, I've just discovered, if you click on the screen (on the water) then you feed the fishes and they all rush over . . .


  1. Not sure if it's me, but I can't see any fish.

  2. that is cool. i can't stop feeding them!

  3. It's brilliant and beautiful.
    I too cannot stop feeding the little blighters

  4. It's great, isn't it. Kind of peaceful . . . Really sorry you can't see it, Fibrespace. Hmm. When I right click on it it seems to imply it needs Flash Player 10, if that's any help.

  5. Oh that is such fun, I love anything like this. I've just induced a feeding frenzy!

  6. Aren't they peaceful - I could spend manay an hour feeding them :)


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