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Jewelled Web - August 2017 - Link Love

wildflowers in summer - jewelled web august 2017 by silverMoss jewellery

Oh crikey, it's August already. August is often a wonderful month, a real summer month, if you know what I mean, when the warmth of the last few months seems to have built up and spread out and the lushness of greenery is overtaken a little by how sun-parched it often begins to appear...

But August, the very look of the word, also makes me think of Autumn, and it feels like, unless I really focus on when I am, I'll miss the summer that is here (even if it's raining!) by looking out for the autumn to come...

So here's to some mindfulness and living in the now and enjoying the fact it is still summer and will be until about, oh, let's say November!

Enjoy the links below - I'll try keep them summer-y!

~jewellery links~

A brief but useful tutorial on making feathers in copper clay (pdf)

These copper and silver earrings are simply stunning in their careful detail.

I saw jewellery made from pencils in a craft shop recently and thought it was a great way to symbolically say school is out! Well, for a little longer at least...

This jewellery made from pencil shavings is also pretty amazing.

Pretty waterfall earrings in a simple tutorial.

Such a beautiful ring made by Beth Legg.

Grow your own crystal pendant - I've not tried this but it looks fascinating!

Precious metal clay has been around fpr quite a while now but I've only just learned about silver metal clay paper... 

~non-jewellery links~

Not quite jewellery, but beautiful soaps that look like gemstones and an excellent detailed tutorial to make them.

A wonderful way to grow small plants in dark rooms.

Excellent collection of furniture hacks to make what you own a little bit more fun/useful/attractive.

A good few of these small space living ideas for camper vans translate into small space living ideas for any home (that is also small...)

An illuminating cheat sheet on growing vegetables on a patio or a veggie plot, when to sow and plant, and harvest and hints on companion planting.

Reusing old jeans and making handy box bags via a detailed tutorial.

A guide to cutting down on digital clutter.

~latest reads~

After a trip to the Lake District a couple of years ago (has it really been so long...?) I vowed to read Swallows and Amazons by Arthur Ransom as I had never done so. Despite my inability to understand most of the boating references, overall the book has been a delight and a wonderful reminder of both a recent holiday and a (slightly!) more distant childhood.

Resin jewellery always fascinates me and this book, The Art of Resin Jewelry by Sherri Haab, is an excellent, and encouraging, read with good photos and helpful instructions.


I hope your August is warm and sunny and a great month whatever the weather.


Wildflower photo taken by me on a day when the weather changed from gloom to sun and I was surrounded by so much flora.


Fancy some more links for the long summer days? Then check out my Jewelled Web from March 2016.

(this post includes a few affiliate links (in the latest reads section) - please check details here for more info.)

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