Friday 16 December 2016

Christmas lights like jewels...

Christmas lights like jewels - silvermoss jewellery blog

Canterbury city centre, including the Christmas Market, is lit up like jewellery this year. I love Christmas lights; they make cold warmer and add such an air of comfort to a cold and dark time of the year. Plus they look a little like gemstones set against a background of ever-changing blues, from gentle shades to deep hues, and everything in between.

I also enjoy the lights much more now I shop more online -  avoiding the long, fraught queues in shops; the noise of Christmas music cashing between shop doorways; the anxiety of what to chose and who to chose it for... okay, shopping online doesn't remove the latter but I did enjoy my trip out to the shops all the more for only having a very short shopping list in my hand.

I hope your Christmas shopping is going well and isn't getting in the way of being able to pause and enjoy some of the (less commercial) magic that this time of year can bring.

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