Saturday 1 October 2016

Jewelled Web - October 2016 - Link Love

Scotney Castle - Jewelled Web October 2016 Silver Moss
Scotney Castle in Kent, glowing in the early Autumn light.

October is here and this year it feels gentle, with soft skies, sunshine, and only a light dusting of leaves although they are now falling daily. But it's still October after all, and I know I'll have to dig out my wet-weather boots and a jacket soon. Still, the abundance of leaves always provides wonderful jewellery and design inspiration in terms of colour, shape and texture. I'm thinking of making some more silver leaves...

This is what I've been doing online this last month, and what I will be catching up with in October.

~jewellery links~

Such a sweet idea and done really well - Jewellery made from children's artwork.

Jewellery (okay, headdresses) for mermaids.

A simple tutorial for creating simple but pretty marbled polymer clay earrings.

The perils of a friend or colleague asking you to repair an item of jewellery...

These shell earrings by Tanith Rouse are just so beautiful.

An Iron Age brooch has been recreated using a 3D printer.

A handy tutorial for wire-wrapping briolette beads.

A slightly less conventional tutorial - how to make denim earrings. Fabric earrings can look so good, and can be large without being heavy.

~non-jewellery links~

I love this idea for using natural fragrances in a home in a pretty and practical way.

These beautiful examples of needle felting, along with handy tips to get started, make it seem like a wonderful craft to do while the leaves fall outside.

Living in the Antarctic, but in style.

It's the time of year when certain types of plants just appear - yes, I'm talking fungi. Here are some amazing examples.

Dinosaur planters - with Christmas coming, such oddities suddenly start making sense...

More plants, at the most dangerous garden in the world.

One of my favourite videos, a deer bouncing along the beach. And then I saw this, a young rhino playing with dogs and responding to his name. Oh, okay, a panda has a bubble bath. That's it now. No more.

Flying with swans.

~My Own Personal Book Club ~

I have been reading...

My first John Le Carre novel - Our Kind of Traitor. I totally missed this at the cinema but found myself with a copy of it on my Kindle; it's a simple story really, about betrayal and trust, with a strong humanity at its core.

We Were Liars by E Lockhart - another Kindle find, and a very readable book, although with a devastating and affecting plot twist.

Learn to Make Bead Jewellery by Lynn Davy (reviewed by me here) - wonderful photos and beautiful beads make some imaginative designs.

(affiliate links included in the books listed - please check details here for more info.)


It's been such a mild end to the summer but the signs of change are to be found at the turn of October - the leaves are slowly growing golden and falling copper and bronze, and the nights and mornings are closer together now. But, as I write this, the sun is shining and bright, and the air warm. I hope your Autumn is wholly mellow.


  1. What a beautiful, romantic photo - perfect for autumn.

    Thank you for sharing the interesting links: I particularly like the denim earrings :o) I've just been out walking the dog and collected some autumn leaves to draw or paint - such beautiful colours.

    1. Thanks for the comment, Julia. Autumn leaves are so inspirational... I love looking at the colours, the shapes, and discovering all over again just how crisp they are!


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