Monday, 2 September 2013

The Jewelled Web - August 2013 - Link Love

August was a busy month for me off the net, so my on-the-net life has been a bit quieter. I've still found a few gems (forgive the pun) that are worth sharing though... hope you enjoy clicking through.

Love this idea of make-your-own jewellery, by way of downloads and DIY construction.

Day Four from Create and Thrive's mini course in how to Grow Your Profits in your online handmade business. This part is about making items that are easily reproducible to help save time in terms of relisting, photographing, etc. The other days of the course are well worth reading too (follow the links within Day Four).

Beaded fairies and sweet photography. Aww...

Jewellery you can eat. It's made from chocolate. What more do you need, really...?

Indulge in Lorelei's big jewellery components buying spree - it's almost as good as doing it yourself!

Great post about exactly where to sell your jewellery online, good and bad, richer and poorer...

Beautiful resin jewellery, and a great blog find.

And a few non-jewellery-but-no-less-interesting items...

Stunning creation of a Green Man mask in glass... Check out the first part here too.

A handy collection of internet hints - a few I didn't know, and no.3 has been my lifesaver for a while now.

Love how sweet and inspiring this DIY calendar is, and how useful!

Also, have discovered and joined the Handmade Monday link-up  - well worth a look if you're seeking new craft blogs to read.

Hope your August was good too.


  1. I think a lot of us have been busy in real life this summer! Lovely to see you again, and to see such a lot of interesting links to check out - thank you!

    1. Thanks for the comment :)
      Yes, I think August always ends up being busy, no matter how you try to arrange it otherwise!

      Hope you enjoy the links :)

  2. Thank you for the link to the Create and Thrive website: that looks like a useful resource! :)

    1. You're welcome! It's a great site, full of lots of very helpful information - hope you enjoy browsing :)

  3. Lots of lovely links here, I've bookmarked loads for when I have more time to sit and read them.

    1. Hi, thanks for your comment and for stopping by. Hope you enjoy looking through the links when time allows :)

  4. Thanks so much for sharing the link to Create & Thrive - I'm so glad you found the Grow Your Profits series helpful!

    Jess :)

    1. You're very welcome - it's a great series on a great website :)
      Thanks for the comment :)


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