Monday, 17 September 2012

Handmade by Edwina - I'm a winner!

I was very fortunate last week to win a blog giveaway by Handmade by Edwina. My parcel of exquisite goodies arrived with me today and I took my time opening it, with my camera to hand. Once the outer packaging was removed, I found this beautifully wrapped package...

...and once I'd carefully opened it I found...

Drawstring bag

Clutch bag


Rear-view of notebook

The drawstring bag is made from the most wonderful material, very rich in colour and lovely to the touch. The finishing touches on the clutch bag are wonderful - the ribbon and lace, and the fab big button set it off a treat. And I love the fabric 'Handmade by Edwina' labels sewn inside both.

But I think my favourite is the notebook which has so much detailed work on it - each piece of fabric it's been covered with is carefully stitched together, layered and built up with a wonderful eye for pattern and colour. All the buttons on the front have been carefully stitched on as well, and the whole creation is just a delight. I like to keep picking it up and admiring it, although it may be too nice to write in!

Do check out Handmade by Edwina's pretty blog and her Folksy shop as well - if you're looking for handmade bags, purses, journals and notebooks then her beautiful products are really worth a good look.

I'm off to enjoy my goodies...


  1. WOW! I am really touched. What a lovely blog - so nice of you to say all those nice things. I am glad you particularly like the notebook as that probably took the most time to make and was the most enjoyable. Thank you so much for sharing your goodies in this way.

  2. You're welcome :-)
    Your work is so lovely and it was a pleasure to take the photos and write the post. Thanks again for a wonderful prize :-)

  3. Congrats on your win - what a lovely prize! The notebook especially is so pretty :)

  4. The notebook is simply gorgeous - trust me!! :-D


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