Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Crafting in York

I've been fortunate enough to visit York twice this year, although both times it rained rather heavily. Not that that's surprising, given I went in the summer. The Shambles is always worth seeing and gazing out of the rain into a shop window, I recognised a name I knew from Folksy and Twitter - Noodle Bubble.

I took a snap - 

but, foolishly, didn't go inside, and instead continued on my way, brolly in hand.

Then just recently I read this fantastic guide to craft shopping in York by Made by Lolly (who seems to have visited on a much sunnier day), and rather regretted not having read it before I visited. Ah well. It's just an excuse to go back sometime soon.

It was wonderful to read that The Gift Gallery, where some of both Noodle Bubble's and Made by Lolly's beautiful felted goodies reside (follow the links if you can't get to York), only stocks handmade items crafted in the UK and Ireland. Very nice indeed.

I'm afraid I don't have any crafty haunts in York to recommend (I just don't go often enough!) but if you fancy something very tasty to eat (and aren't a vegetarian) then do try the York Hogroast and the stunning roast potatoes they sell. Wonderful even if it is chucking it down...although do bear in mind it's takeaway only...

Anyone else have any excellent craft shops in their local towns, or in cities they love to visit?


  1. ooh! Lovely - I've not been yet but am longing to see The Shambles.

    Thanks for links to shop (and photo of my brooches in the window)

    kisses x

  2. You're very welcome! As soon as I saw your name I recognised it and was very pleased to see a fellow Folksy-er in a shop window :-)

    I think when you do go you'll love the setting of the shop - The Shambles is just perfect for handmade goodies :-)

    Thanks for the comment, Mossy x


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