Sunday 20 September 2009

Return to leaving

My mild addiction to leaves has resurfaced.

I've spent some considerable time this last week or so patiently soldering, filing, polishing, creating pieces of shining autumn.

Okay, autumn isn't quite here yet, or rather, parts of it are (the leaves are starting to fall, even if the changing colours aren't widespread), and different parts of the country experience the turn at different times. Plus, the sun has shone hotly a couple of times, prompting butterflies and bees to fly again. And I still saw swallows when I looked to the blue sky yesterday . . .

But the feel of autumn is in the air. And leaves, which it seems we can overlook with greater ease in summer and winter, are all the more apparent in spring, when they reemerge bright green, and now, in autumn, when they turn to jewel colours and fall around us.

I've experimented with different sizes of leaves, from smaller, and sometimes slightly more abstract forms, at just over 2 cm long . . .

to the longer length, at 4 cm, where creating the veins and texture is easier with a little more silver to work with.

Earrings are proving tricky as one of the things I've always liked about the leaves I create, their individuality, means forming a matching pair is, so far, a slightly frustrating task.

Hmm . . .

Finished articles coming very soon . . .


  1. beautifully delicate and intricate, I love adding leaves to some of my items too xx

  2. Autum is my fav season i love the crispness of the morning air and the change it brings for us both in beauty and artistic influences your leaf designs are superb!!

  3. Thanks for the comments! Good to hear it's not only me who finds autumn inspiring.

  4. These are really looking great, Mossy - I love the organic flow you've captured, and I hope your addiction continues for a long time to come!


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