Saturday, 5 September 2009

50 Followers! And a giveaway . . .

To celebrate having reached the magic number of fifty loyal and trusty followers, I've decided to do a Giveaway.

So if you quite like the look of this pair of heart earrings, carefully crafted by me, wrapped in tissue paper and a organza bag and sent though the post to the lucky winner . . . then here's what to do . . .

To enter the giveaway please leave me a comment, letting me know which of the photos of the earrings you think best shows them, and why. And if you fancy a look at my shop and telling me which your favourite item is (and why, if you like), then I'd love to know.

Closing date is - 14th September 2009

I'll chose the winner randomly from all the entrants.

Many thanks for looking, and reading, and good luck!


  1. Oh boy...choose a favourite from your shop? *tough*
    It's between your shell necklaces (because they are just beautiful..I love shells)& the Ocean Jasper! wow..Jasper is one of my favourite stones :)

    I also think pic 1 is the best angle for those pretty heart earrings :)
    Congrats on all the followers too! xx

  2. Beautiful earrings, I think picture one works really well as you've got the dangle and captured the silver really well. From your shop, hmmm, I do love your leaves

  3. Such lovely earrings! I actually think the last photograph works best because the simplicity of the background really allows the silver to sparkle and does not distract from the beautiful flow of the design.

    Have to agree wth Laura about the silver leaf pendant on your shop. Just beautiful.

    With every good wish for the future!

    Kirsten x

  4. I love the amethyst and florite heart bracelet. Love hearts and purple is my favourite colour!

    I prefer the first pick as I think the detail stands out better against the dark wood.

    These of course would look lovely with the bracelet.

  5. Wow - what a great giveaway and congratulations on 50 followers.

    I like the first photo best - the earrings look great against the textured background.

    It's hard to choose my favourite piece from your shop. I like so many and they are very reasonably priced for such beauties. I will choose two:
    1.Sterling silver leaf pendant on organza ribbon - this pendant is unique and I think I remember reading your blog about its creation
    2.Silver rings and Gems Bracelet - I love circles in jewellery and this bracelet looks so pretty and delicate.
    Kristin :)

  6. I like the first photo the best I think the background really makes the earrings stand out.

    My favorite item in your shop is the Silver seashell and Citrine necklace. I like it the best because it's such a unique piece. I don't think I have ever seen a shell necklace like that!


  7. hi there, i think the first pic is my fave, i really like the light in this one and the beachwood works really well. everything is in focus and i think this pic shows off the ear-rings best. best wishes tracy (fatcatfelt on folksy)

  8. Thanks for all the comments! Wow, photo 1 is really doing the best so far . . .

  9. hi ya, i just found your little folksy shop and you have some great jewellery pieces! I like the 1st picture best ;)

  10. My favourite item in your shop is the amethyst and fluorite heart bracelet, my favourite colours and they match the earrings. I think I prefer the last picture of the heart earrings, it shows off the metal best.

  11. Definately the first picture, it shows how they hand really nicely.
    I personally like the baroque style earrings in your shop - veyr elegant.

  12. Hi there, I've just found you through the feature on shophandmadeuk blog. I like pic no. one. Partly because I like drift wood but also because the earings seem to "dangle" more than in the other pics. The background is slightly darker so it shows off the silver better. I like the hearts earings and this piece in your Folksy shop. Regards Julia.

  13. I like pic 1 against the drift wood but the last pic probably shows them off the at the best against the dark plain background.

    Your purple gemstone necklace is my favourite in your shop - lovely colours and could wear with loads of differnet outfits/occassions.

  14. Hi there, i love the circles and gemstones bracelet. The hammered hoops are lovely with the stones. For the photos of the earrings, definitely the first one with the lovely wood texture behind it.
    OOoooOOOh hope I win - they're lovely!

  15. I like picture 1 because you can see both hearts clearly and straight on, but with a more interesting background than a plain white one, yet not distracting from what the image is actually of :)

  16. Hmm... I think the top picture sets them off the best - the contrast of the smooth lines of the earrings against the rough texture of the wood is really effective.


  17. I really like the top picture - it is nice and clear and you can see every detail of the product.

    My favourite item in your shop is your Pearl and Seashell Silver necklace. I think the combination of materials works well and you have kept the finished item looking pretty and delicate - lovely!

  18. Hi
    I think the first photo shows off your earrings best, as the driftwood behind is dark, and so the contrast between it and the earrings is good.
    In your shop I like the seashell and citrine necklace best, mainly because I like natural found things mixed in with jewellry (if you know what I mean!)
    Kind regards

  19. I think the photo that works the best is the first one, with the texture of the wood it shows off the simple and clean lines of the earrings, very dificult to choose from your shop but I think it has to be the moonstone bracelet, just beautiful



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