Thursday 30 April 2009

Around the beaches . . .

I'm back again. I've been away visiting family, friends, catching up with people I haven't seen in a long while. It's been good although busy. But I have managed an interesting feat of visiting all 'sides' of the mainland UK in a short space of time.

My first stop was the Moray Firth, looking north, lit by a wonderful fragile rainbow,

I flew by plane down over the Lake District, seeing a glinting stretch of the Irish Sea as I did so, and then visited it a little later, standing on the beach at Ravenglass where three rivers meet the sea.

Whitby and the North Sea,

seen also from a brief walk on the Cleveland Way, were dramatic and beautiful.

And York was full of tourists, sunshine and summer blue skies (but no beach . . .).

And then back to the Kent coast where, typically, I forgot to take a camera with me . . .

Now it's back to jewellery, to create from all that diverse inspiration. I'm also enrolled on an OU course, just starting, so creation and blogging may go a little quiet at times . . .


  1. Lovely photographs! Whitby and York are two of our favourite places, York looks so lovely in the sunshine in that photo.

    Good luck with the OU course!

  2. York was incredible in the sunshine that day! When we arrived it was grey and overcast and within ten minutes the sky was blue and the sun was out so our intended brief stop lasted a lot longer!

    Thanks for the good luck wishes - I should be studying now!!


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