Monday 2 March 2009

If I had . . .

I didn't expect tools would mean much to me, once being merely a means to an end that lived in someone else's garage. But now, well, I have been known to retire to bed of an evening with a tool catalogue to flick through.

Over the weekend I began a sort through of my smithing/jewellery making drawers and sections. I find it necessary to do this periodically as things get put away in the wrong place, anywhere room can be found, or, even, naughtily, not at all. The latter is the case for some lost items which the clear-out, prompted by their loss, has failed to materialise so far. Oh dear.

But I did find a few things I'd forgotten I do have, including a couple of old hammers with fantastic bruised heads, full of texture to be imparted with one swift blow to some receptive (and annealed!) silver.

I'd be fascinated to know about other people's tools, which are the most important, which have sentimental value, which always get lost . . . do share!


  1. Glad it's not just me that loses tools! I "lost" my case of needle files for all of last week - then today Roger opened the crafting cupboard door and there they were...

    My favourite tool is my large round nosed pliers, probably because one on my favourite wirework activities is making "s" links! *So* satisfying. Also my trusty flat nosed pliers, because I do love making spirals, too.

  2. Good to hear the needle files finally stopped hiding . . . mine emptied themselves out of their holder the other day . . . just because I didn't pick them up carefully enough. . .

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. the tool that i love is my new loop that has a light attached to it. its so awesome! i also cannot go without my flat file and my vernier!

  4. I have various bits to 'poke' hot glass with, one tungstan poker looks like it's going to die soon from constant misuse though!
    I have a brass 'spear' tool that I didn't realise was so useful until the day I couldn't find it under a pile of bits of glass rods! It was then I realised how much I'd come to rely on it - you don't miss something until it's gone!


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