Monday, 2 March 2009

Blue skies, buds, flowers

It felt a lot like spring today. I dug down into the soil to move some daffodils and found the earth soft and rich and full of worm-life! I didn't take a photo of that but I did of some honeysuckle, against the blue sky and suitably fluffy clouds

Unfortunately, what you don't get with that photo is the sweet scent that was being gently released around me.

Some old hydrangea heads lurking in the shade looked a little like lace to me . . .

But my eyes were drawn back to the blue sky

Now to try and translate spring into silver . . .


  1. Beautiful photos! It's lovely to see some blue sky for a change, everything has been grey for so long! lol
    The sun was out this morning & as Hubby was getting dressed I blearily asked him what the strange yellow light was shining through the curtains...ROFL...

  2. It was so, so bright yesterday morning. This morning I woke to rain and grey. Sigh . . .

  3. Those photographs are beautiful, especially the one of the hydrangea heads - they really do look like lace. There's so much inspiration to be had from foliage and leaves when they become skeletal!

  4. Aw, thank you. I couldn't believe how wondeful the hydrangeas looked. Had to dash back for my camera!


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