Saturday, 13 December 2008

More items listed . . . and a first Folksy sale!

I've listed a few more pieces on Folksy today, although not as many as I would have done as I needed to take some more photos and the weather has bee so dull and abysmal that the natural light just isn't up to it. Must make one of those handy white boxes I've read about . . . although I don't know how much that'll help with the light. Hmm.

But some more listings anyway.

And my first Folksy sale came on Thursday, just before I was heading out to my silversmithing class! One of my leaf pendants, which always attract attention.

I've another finished and one, a smaller one, as a work in progress but nearly done. I've also a tiny one nearly finished, and some potential tiny ones to create. They're all individual which can make them tough to part with . . .

But I've listed one of my silver ladies

and if I can part with them then I can part with anything!

Progress is slow right now though, with Christmas shopping seeming to take several years to finish . . .

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