Friday 19 December 2008

Folksy result!

Things have gone well on Folksy. I've sold far more than I expected to in far shorter a space of time. Well, let's face it, I did suspect I might not sell anything at all. But, so far (and probably all that will be sold before next year. Assuming anything sells next year . . . ) I've sold five items to four buyers. Yes, someone even wanted two pieces of jewellery which left me feeling just ever so slightly chuffed!

So, if nothing else, I've covered the cost of listing although probably not the hours it's taken me, as I've found it very consuming of time; taking photos, getting them the right size (after finding out how to get them the right size), working out just how the listing works, then going back and doing it properly, then making right what went wrong and I didn't notice had gone wrong etc. But, that aside, it is a nice buzz when someone actually likes your work enough to part with money for it, and even nicer when you find out they really like it when they receive it too! I'm starting to wonder if I'll ever get over jewellery-related low self-esteem . . .

I've been experimenting with backgrounds and props with my photography, making the most of the sun when it came out on Saturday after spending what felt like a brief eternity sulking behind grey clouds. I'm quite pleased with the results and that I got out of my 'comfort zone' and tried something new. It may not seem dramatic but different coloured pebbles seem to have made a big difference to the way the silver looks, even if it's just to me!

I also used the elegant hand/arm prop:

I messed around with a black background as well but it dulled the clarity of the silver and meant the texture of it was lost so unless I learn a little more about cameras and perhaps have a better quality one at my disposal, I might well steer clear of that idea for now. The first photo is, obviously, on a black background. The second is, again obviously, not.

See what I mean?

But this (and Christmas shopping, wrapping presents, writing cards - all of which seems to have taken at least twice as long as it ever has before this year) has meant that actually making the jewellery, you know, taking bits of silver and then fashioning attractive items from them, has been sitting on the back burner, feeling a bit neglected and wondering if I've forgotten it.

I've not. I've got plans for the new year, have been looking through notes, letting ideas formulate and percolate . . . although I must try and remember that just because I've made something once doesn't mean I can't make it again. It'll never be exactly the same, handmade jewellery - made by me anyway! - just doesn't work like that, so I know when I find a design I like I can revisit it, even develop and adapt it. But I always seem to find the urge to try something new just a little too tempting . . . Perhaps a New Year's resolution is in order.

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