Friday 29 December 2017

The Last Hurrah...

Happy New Year sign set among pine leaves and red berries

It's very close to the end of the year now. It's so easy to add Christmas and New Year together but I think it's a little more interesting to separate them out and keep them apart, and to make the most of those days that nestle between those two celebrations.

It's often a time for family and friends and also for reflection - where has the year gone and what mistakes have I made, that kind of negative talk that we all tend to do. This year I'm trying to be aware of that and to look back and find the good things the year contained, the days that were special and the people that contributed to them. And that way I can see with more clarity just what made those special times and work out how I can try and get more of them in my life; and I can also focus on the people who were part of them too, the people in my life who mean a lot and whom I'd like to spend time with in the coming year.

However this post isn't about unpicking my last year, or my hopes for the coming one. It's really about thanking you if you've read and enjoyed my blog this year and wishing you all good things for the coming twelve months (and beyond).

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