Friday 10 November 2017

A Ring of Two Stones - Sky Blue Topaz and Labradorite

Sky blue topaz and Labradorite faceted gemstone sterling silver ring - silvermoss

This is a birthday ring, for this month, and I liked the idea of using a birthstone. Of all the shades topaz comes in, the sky blue variation is, for me, the most beautiful. It does seem to look like a little piece of sky, captured in stone, perhaps even the sky on a November day when the sun is as bright as it can bear at this time of year and the blue around it has that slightly chilled look, as if the heat from our star can't quite warm it to the deeper hues of summer.

The other most usual birthstone for November, according to information on the web, is citrine. And although I've used topaz and citrine together before (see the stones I bought and what I made from them), it just didn't seem to work right for this birthday or the ring I wanted to make.

Sky blue topaz and Labradorite sterling silver ring on a wooden stand - silvermoss

So when I bought the rose cut cabochons I wrote about in this post, as well as the sky blue topaz which I'd purposely chosen, I bought gems in colours I hoped would match nicely with it. The lapis lazuli was too opaque and the iolite too small (fool that I was not to order it in a larger size) but the labradorite sat perfectly with the topaz. Against the sky blue topaz, the labradorite looks, to me, like stormy skies, with a hint of rainbow, the opposite to clear blue heavens but with a beauty of its own.

I made a simple ring in rectangular wire, with the design left open to be a little adjustable so I didn't have to reveal too much by casually enquiring after someone's ring size - let's face it, when isn't that a giveaway?

When I make this again, I may use a slightly heavier wire as I had to hammer this ring to give it a bit more strength - I didn't want it to be too adjustable... But I'm happy with the colours and cut of the gems against the silver and I hope the recipient is too. I also rather love the way the gems, especially the labradorite, look different in varying lights and I've tried to show that in the photos I've included here.

Sky blue topaz and Labradorite sterling silver ring set against a white pebble - silvermoss


  1. The two stones look so pretty together! There is something about rose cut cabs especially with the clear stones. I bet the person you made it for will love it.

    1. Thanks for the comment :)
      Yes, you're right, the clarity allows extra sparkle from the facets, I think.
      And I'm pleased to report it was gratefully received - so much so that I've had a request for another now!


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