Friday 16 September 2016

Celtic-style Curve earrings

Celtic scroll earrings-Silvermoss Blog

Earlier in the year I was playing with curves in silver wire, mixed with some solder, and I ended up with these earrings. They were created as a gift, and I've now made three pairs as presents. I also have another pair in my shop.

I find them satisfying to make, especially the challenge of matching the curves as I'm forming them, and the finished loops as well as possible into pairs. The wire is pretty fine but a good amount of hardening the silver through planishing and polishing imparts a lot of strength; that and a fair bit of solder holding the curves together - each earring is soldered in six separate places.
The tiny pearls, used with even tinier silver beads, added a little weight and swing. Pearls can sometimes seem a little old-fashioned (or perhaps that's just me) but these ones are so sweet, and gently irregular in their shape which I love. I've used the same pearls before, when I made this necklace, and I'm pleased that I still have quite a few remaining.


  1. These are very beautiful! wonderful work =]

    1. Thanks for the comment and compliments, Hanna-Mae :)

  2. Your curves look very well matched! I like the pearls with them - I always used to think pearls were for old ladies but they're not really! They go really well with silver :D

    1. I was really lucky matching the curves; I made a few pairs at a time and always ended up with two that worked well together :)
      Yes, I think pearls do have that starchy reputation but perhaps that's just a string of them - perhaps it's the silver that saves them ;)
      Thanks for the comment.


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