Monday 1 June 2015

Jewelled Web - June 2015 - Link Love

Jewelled Web Link Love June 2015 - Silver Moss

June... month of sunshine... it's often the real month of summer, where the days are the longest and the hayfever is at its worst... oh well...

Hope you enjoy the links...

~jewellery links~

What does it mean to be a jeweller?

A couple of simple and handy earring tutorials - how to make ear wires from head pins; and how to make hoop earrings.

I've never used shrink plastic but am intrigued by it, and the kinds of effects you can get from it, as with these earrings.

A simple DIY idea for jewellery display that would also look great at craft fairs...

A wonderfully detailed tutorial on making lockets.

I must get some letter stamps...

How to make a beautiful eclipse jump link chain.

From the same site as the above tutorial - sometimes it's good to go back to basics and revise how to solder.

~non-jewellery links~

I've only skim-read this post so far but it looks fascinating - 29 top Altucher truisms to help us be better free agents.

Should we smile more, marry outside our wealth, and get tired to get creative? Reading to expand the mind.

How to talk nicer to yourself.

Free education from around the world. Online. Yes, free.

Photo editing apps for apple and android.

Every Shakespearean insult you could ever need, all in a handy infographic.

How to lego your laptop.

A great post to read (and reread) when you're feeling a bit down/blue/bleurgh.

Have yourself a sunny June :)

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