Wednesday 1 April 2015

Jewelled Web - April 2015 - Link Love

Jewelled Web Link Love April 2015 - Silver Moss

March has brought flowers, thankfully. I know, I know, some hardy blooms carry on regardless throughout the winter but so many don't really do anything until the earth warms, just a little. March also saw a solar eclipse - well, for many in the UK a sighting was on hand, but unfortunately it was thick cloud with me and all I noticed was a slightly eerie darkening of the day...

Either way, here's to a brighter April. Hope you enjoy the links!

~jewellery links~

I love this post by Cinnamon Jewellery about soldering blocks - I too had read that to rejuvenate one (ie, to get all the molten and then dried flux off) you needed a paving slab/rough surface/road and some elbow grease, but had never had much joy with that (yes, I did try in the back garden). So I shall be hunting down some heavy duty sandpaper and seeing how that goes... stay tuned... (I must confess to 'borrowing' the flux that's already on the block when I solder - if you've not used enough, or are trying to get something to just hold still, then all that melted flux starts to flow again when the torch is on it and can be quite handy... so perhaps I shall rub down just one side of my trusty block...)

Crocheted necklaces, wonderful and jazzy.

Some simple jewellery DIYs on a theme of gold.

How to make shell beads from polymer clay.

Riveting silver when soldering isn't suitable is a handy skill to have - this tutorial has a lot of good advice. From the same site, a great tutorial on texturing metal.

Bead and thread bracelet tutorial.

Do you call it repousse or chasing? Check this bracelet out too.

~non-jewellery links~

These paintings by Katte Geneta are so atmospheric and so beautiful.

Giant flower sculptures made from glass.

Biscuits/cookies made from just three ingredients... not including embellishments. I've not made these yet but they are on my list to try.

I could happily live in any of these calm and stylish Scandinavian rooms...

Tips for Success with Long-Term Projects - some great advice.

Photos of the eclipse that I didn't get to see...not that I'm bitter...

Book carving. Amazing art. Am a little sad for the books though...

I don't normally post anything that could be deemed as political, or even controversial, but this article, and the photo that goes along with it, deserves to be read and seen by as many people as possible.


Hope your April is a good one.

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