Thursday 29 January 2015

Christmas was saved...

Gifts are not always fun to make. They can be a challenge, trying to match your skills and tastes to that of someone you know well, and, as with any gift, it's always a balance between something you know you like, and something you hope they'll love...

silver curl earrings - silver moss designs

I think I hit the mark with these earrings that I made for a loved one this past Christmas. They were an elaboration of this design, adding a little more of a Celtic twist I thought. It took a few soldering disasters before I eventually created two that resembled each other enough (always an issue with earrings...) or hadn't melted under the torch.

silver curl earrings - silver moss designs

I plan to make some more of these, with the caveat that if they don't match then I'll turn them into pendants or bracelet charms, and if they start to melt too much then I may just stop...

Anything you've made lately where you've only just grabbed victory from the jaws of defeat - and with a looming deadline too?!


  1. Pretty earrings! I know the soldering disaster feeling all too well :D

    1. Aw, thank you :)
      Yes, I guess that kind of disaster is pretty much universal if you bring a torch into the equation ;) But thanks for making me feel less alone!


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