Tuesday 21 October 2014

Simple Circles within Simple Circles within...

juiter ring 2 photo jupiter_ring3.jpg
Sometimes it’s the simple things that capture your attention and fire your inspiration. I’ve always been attracted to shape-making in silver wire, and have loved creating leaves and hearts and getting them to look as sweet on the eye as I possibly can. But geometric shapes are something I’d not really explored that much in their own right yet.

So with my new mandrels to hand I came up with a simple ring design, a circle set on a circle, both made from round wire, and I then added a tiny semi-spherical silver button I’d created. And voila...

jupiter ring 1 photo jupiter_ring2.jpg

Although I say so myself, I do love the simplicity of this, the circle of the body of the ring, interrupted by the open circle of the top of the ring, interrupted by the small, solid circle, offset to one side...

The solid circle addition may well have been inspired by seeing the moons of Jupiter surrounding the planet earlier this year through a small telescope in a back garden on a chilly night, very tiny circles of bright light circling a slightly larger one; I chose to place the tiny circle within its 'planet' rather than without though.

I like the fact the ring can be worn either way, tiny circle top or bottom, to create a bit of variety.

jupiter ring 3 photo jupiter_ring1.jpg

This is a personal favourite of mine but I hope to make some more soon, as well as explore other shapes... well, I do have those mandrels now...


  1. I really like your ring, I love circles so it really appeals. And it's beautifully made too :D

    1. Really pleased you like it, thanks for the comment and the compliment :D

  2. Oh so very beautiful! I don't wear a lot of jewellery but when I do, this is exactly the kind of thing that I wear. Something special, different, delicate, silver! So pleased to have discovered your blog - off to do some exploring!

    1. Thanks so much for your comment, Meghan! I'm really pleased you like the ring; it's one of my favouites and you summed its features up in a very flattering way ;)
      Hope you enjoyed browsing the blog; I very much enjoy visiting yours :)


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