Tuesday 30 September 2014

Jewelled Web - October 2014 - Link Love

I hope you've had a good September. Mine has been full of sun and mists, not too bad a combination really, although I do prefer the sun far more than the mists...

I'm not looking forward to the long and cold nights of winter, so am hoping the mellow (and currently mild!) early autumn days stretch out as long as possible.

Hope you enjoy catching up on what I've discovered this month on the net...

~jewellery links~

On my list of things-I-really-should-try-doing-one-day is how to make a hinge from silver. This tutorial looked very helpful.

A wonderfully simple way to hold/display/just show off your jewellery.

How to make safety ear wires.

Problems with solder not flowing? Check out this long and detailed forum post from Etsy. So much good advice and help.

A hint of autumn is in the air so how about making jewellery inspired by it -
an acorn pendant from an acorn,
leaf earrings from polymer clay (and eyeshadow!),
and a ring from (imitation) gold leaf (ahem)...

And something else in gold leaf, a wooden pendant tutorial.

More autumn-y jewellery items, already created, and this time with a hedgehog theme -
I love this brooch in polymer clay and paint,
this pendant in broken china,
and this brooch in felt.

~non-jewellery links~

Inspiring art for your desktop (or to print) showing up in your inbox once a month? Yes, please!

I adore these DIY vases; copper and glass is such a wonderful combination.

Social media tips from the Folksy blog.

How to speed clean your home. Seriously. I always change the duvets to music...

Great ideas from the Design Trust about selling online.

Gorgeous shoes... here and here. And amazing slippers...

This may come in handy if you spend too long every day hunched over a desk making jewellery... three simple exercises to improve posture... I personally would be lost without Pilates.

Make your own foaming facewash - I've yet to try this but I love the idea!

I also fancy making my own lip balm, so have bookmarked this page of links.

And I can't help feeling this wonderfully sweet way of storing flowers seeds would make a special gift for quite a few people in the upcoming festival of Chr- erm, giving presents (it's just too soon to say the c-word yet...).

Hope you enjoy exploring the links and have a good month online and off...

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