Friday 28 February 2014

Jewelled Web - February 2014 - Link Love

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February has been an odd month for me, one where I simply feel I haven't had a chance to get going. Which may go some way to explaining the lack of posts on my blog this month... I still like to think I'm coming out at the end of the month knowing more than when I started it... hopefully... and I hope you enjoy checking out some of the reading I've done online this wet and windy February.

First up,

~Jewellery links~

Sweet little knuckle rings, simple to make and customise.

A tutorial for a paper necklace...

and a silver-coloured necklace DIY. With some gold too.

I love discovering these jewellery maker interviews on Etsy... this one is via Australia. (Also, check out where Maria is storing her hammers - I love this!)

The competition attached to this post may have ended, but I'm still fascinated by the photos of polymer clay beads that has something of the quality of sea glass...

Or how about some craft or polymer clay for personalised pendants, made with love.

But I do still love silver... and this bunny especially.

Ideas for how to display and organise jewellery, and a whole pinterest board of inspiration on the same topic here. And some more to ponder here too - including a nice idea for a business card holder.

And now for some

~Other links too~

Wonderful photo, no photoshopping required...

I would like to make these tea light holders, this (sneaky) letter holder, these gift bags.

This interview, and photos, are beautiful enough to make me give up silver and turn to wood...

I also love this clay creation..., made with "clay, kiln, patience, feelings, emotions, turning wheel, clay tools, knife, mould"

Neat and simple printable goal-setting sheet.

It's easy to feel life is passing you by but this set of interviews shows you can create at any age.

Love this print - makes me dream of summer and hazy sunshine... more beautiful art here.

A beautiful studio to dream of designing in...

Full-time artist interview via Folksy's blog? Yes please.

Time management hints and some of those wonderful pictures made up of words (and design too...;) 

Hope your February has been a good, if short, month, and that spring is on the horizon for you - I took the photo above just yesterday, dodging bumble bees as they hunted down any and all available flowers... the air feels mild and soft - and I'm going to stop now as the forecast says snow...!


  1. I, for one, really enjoyed perusing some of the things you perused this month. But yes, where did February go??

    1. I'm so glad it's not just me! I'm putting it down to just not having enough days... that's my excuse! Glad you like the links, and thanks for the comment :)


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