Saturday, 30 November 2013

The Jewelled Web - November 2013

Jewelled web - Link Love - November 2013
Another month, and ever, ever closer to Christmas...that kind of sums up how I'm feeling right now, and also slightly freaked out at how few weeks are left on the calendar until the new year. As ever, I'm wondering just where the time has gone...

I started off this month with a productive, and early, Christmas shop extravaganza, but am ending it in my usual manner of casting around anxiously, and trying to guess if I've enough wrapping paper for the presents I've not yet bought...

At least the web is a place of shopping and making opportunities so this month's roundup may well reflect that...

For a start, how about these sweet hand-crafted necklaces as stocking gifts?

I suspect if I bought this fox ring, I'd only end up keeping it for myself...

Great tutorial for using up old eggshells and making jewellery. Seriously.

Another polymer clay tutorial; a method for adding a photo to clay.

Five gold rings...
1) Dramatic and dazzling
2) Reticulated and beautiful
3) Indulgent and stunning
4) Simple and delicate
5) Five gold rings...

Love this idea for recycling old silver spoons.

Beautiful necklace, and a tutorial that shows you how to (half) create it.

Simple yet striking gold earrings.

A new shop to rival Folksy and Etsy?

If you do craft fairs then you might find this post about jewellery displays inspiring

How to sell more on Etsy (but much of it applies to any selling platform)

~A few non-jewellery bits and pieces~

These vases are gorgeous and inventive but not something you want to rush making for Christmas, given you need to use a rather scary electric saw...

I must knit more... this hat should inspire me, along  with the cold temperatures...

Fantastic, and free, way to make your own calendar (using any version of photoshop) for the new year... which isn't that far away *gulp*

Looking to get away from it all over the holidays?

From cereal box to art journal.

These photos are nearly as good as actually going to Norway...

Amazing calendar, especially if you love owls - you chose your favouites, then download and print the resulting PDF. Wonderful.

Lots of free collage sheets.

Wonderful list of blogging resources, like a little gold mine of blog goodies.

Unless you're super-fast it may be a little late to make your own advent calendar but, ah well, always next year...

Beautiful image, beautiful poem, beautifully matched.

I'm thinking this could be the most helpful post ever if you've had someone to stay and they left a unattractive mug ring on your chest of drawers... ahem...

Hope the run up to Christmas isn't too hectic, and you get some moments to just enjoy the time of year, the winter season, and whomever you love that you are fortunate enough to be near to.

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