Thursday, 28 February 2013

The Jewelled Web - February 2013

February hasn't been much warmer than January and snow has shown its face again, but signs of spring can be found in bulbs pushing through the earth - we may be over the worst of the winter, although it's too close to call yet...

spring bulbs
Here's a few jewellery finds from the web this month -

An utterly beautiful ring - wonderful colour and shape all combined. I would love to make something so organic and yet so finished.

A Folksy blog post about how to take photographs when the weather is dire - ever so handy for this time of year (okay, any time of year) in the UK!

I also found this post about taking photos by windows via the new Folksy Tumblr blog.

Also check out the Folksy Press Tumblr, just in case you spot something you made featured in a magazine!

From the Etsy blog, a post about turning your hobby into a business. It also has the sweetest knitting image ever!

A tutorial about how to create a plaster mould for making polymer jewellery

And another tutorial, this time on how to make brooches into pendants. Check this one out as well, which also utilises old earrings.

Fancy some fairytale ideas? Take a look at the tower jewellery created via an online class displayed here - it's like decoupage with metal!

Soft jewellery - a tutorial for a hand-crafted felted rose brooch.

And a few non-jewellery finds -

A reason to head to Shetland if, for some reason, you can't find any other - Shetland ponies in cardigans. Seriously.

Amazing photographs of melting snowflakes. Beautiful enough to make you wish it stayed cold. Well, nearly...

Created for Valentine's Day for perfect for any occasion - simple geometric printables for decorating notebooks.

If you're feeling more romantic than that, check this video out. If you're feeling too cynical for romance, then read this instead.

Hope your short month has been good. Please share any great links you've found in the comments!


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