Tuesday 11 December 2012

Jewellery Book Wish List

I adore jewellery books. Some I feast on for inspiration and rapidly discard. Others are referred to again and again, both for inspiration and information. Despite a heaving bookshelf, when Christmas comes around and people ask me what I'd like, I always find myself trawling bookshops, both on the high street and online, browsing for the latest, the oldest, and hopefully the best.

Here's a few books I'd like to find in my Christmas stocking this year.

three jewellery book covers

I've given Vintage Jewellery by Caroline Cox, a few, long, lingering glances in the book shop. Beautifully produced, full of inspiring images. If this doesn't make you want to get making, then nothing will...

I have no kiln. The title of Magical Metal Clay Jewellery: Amazingly Simple No-Kiln Techniques for Making Beautiful Jewellery (written by Sue Heaser) says I don't need one to make metal clay jewellery. What more could you ask for?

The sheer vibrancy of the polymer clay colours used on the front cover of Polymer Clay Color Inspirations by Lindly Haunani and Magie Maggio just make me want to know more about what's inside. Cover image is very important.

three jewellery book covers

This book looks fascinating. Jewellery from Recycled Materials by Jaimie MacDonald, looks wonderfully inventive, and that is always inspiring. Ideas for jewellery from everyday objects, things you'd otherwise throw away, must be worth a read.

Setting Up a Successful Jewellery Business (Setting Up Guides) by Angie Boothroyd, is a title to strike a chord with anyone who tries to sell on Folksy, Etsy, or another other craft-based online outlet. This book looks comprehensive and, unusually for this topic, seems aimed at a UK audience. (For my review of this book, after reading it, click here)

The Workbench Guide to Jewelry Techniques by Anastasia Young has been out a couple of years but has, until now, escaped my jewellery-book-radar. It looks detailed. It looks wide-ranging. It looks just about right. It's also a silversmithing book, pure and simple, and I just adore those.

Please leave details of any books on your Christmas list this year. I fear they will only make my list grow longer, but I'm always on the lookout for new books to desire...

I've not included any ebooks. My Kindle is greyscale and, from the samples I've downloaded images, and instructions containing images, just don't work. For those of you with full colour eReaders suitable for such books, do share how well they work for you. I'd love to know.

Hope you like my choices and that something here inspires you too.

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  1. At last - a person after my own heart! My jewellery books are numerous and sit permanently on my coffee table, as I like to browse through them to relax, even though I must know them off by heart now. I must do a post on my favourite books one of these days. Hope Santa brings you one on your list!!

  2. Oh, do a post, I'd love to read it! I'm planning on a post on my the books I've actually got, rather than just the ones I'd like...I'm exactly like you, love re-reading them :-)

  3. I have two of the Magical Metal Clay book. I was given them both but by people I couldn't tell I already had it. Do you fancy some sort of swap?
    I would need to dig it out of the attic but sure it can't be that deeply buried. Let me know. :o)

  4. Ooo, that is tempting, but this close to Christmas, (and what with the hints I've been dropping!) I think I'll have to wait and see what Santa brings *ahem* before committing to anything :-)


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