Friday, 26 October 2012

Folksy Friday - Tick Tock

It's coming close to the end of October and it feel very autumnal and Hallowe-eny. Mists are descending and spider's webs appear while your back is turned. I even found a spider (sans web) in my car the other day, tucked happily behind the sun visor... You can imagine how much fun that was...

It's also the time of year in the UK when the clocks go back, causing general confusion but also a wonderful feeling on Sunday morning when you realise you can fairly claim an extra hour of sleep.

Driftwood Tide Clock by Seaside Stuff Vanity Fair Cover Clock by Ticking Image Oak and Metal Clock by Reclaimed Time Vinyl Record Horse Head Clock by Krissys Vinyl  Ceramic Clock by Bread and Butter Acrylic Fox Clock by Big Bad Wolf Design Driftwood Shelf Clock by Knottyburr Wood Crafts Maple Leaf Clock by Ode Oak Speech Bubble Clock by Aftertrees

In honour of the much-valued extra hour, I've collected together a few wonderful clocks from Folksy, any of which I'd love to own, provided they don't tick. I don't know if I'm alone in having a general loathing of ticking clocks and have even been driven to remove batteries in the past, just to get some relief from this strange ailment. So, to rephrase, I'd love any of the above clocks, as long as they tell me the time, but very, very quietly.

Click through on the clocks to go to their individual Folksy pages.

To all in the UK, enjoy that precious hour ...


  1. Thanks for the mention! You'll be glad to know that some of my clocks don't tick!

  2. Thanks for picking my Vanity Fair clock, plenty of tickless tick tocks at Ticking Image.

  3. Thanks for the comments and so glad to hear that not all clocks tick! I do love clocks with hands but, so far, have only found digital clocks suitable for us anti-tick people... ;-)


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