Tuesday 1 May 2012

Yet more Polymer Clay . . .

Rather than just making round or disc beads, I've now had a go at making pebble beads too, which I love. I'm not sure how authentic many of these pictured here look (some of the colours are a little on the artificial side), apart from the grey ones perhaps, but I've enjoyed creating shapes that look pebbley and a little natural, rather than smooth and uniform.

I think this may well be the last big batch of photos for now. Not sure I can just keep making these beads and posting pictures of them. I must also make something with the beads themselves!

These have all been made from Fimo. I have a lot of Sculpey III but have found this very difficult to soften. I know you can get special softener, although I thought that was for age-hardened clay? Any ideas on how to soften fairly 'youthful', fresh clay? I would love to use it but it really does make my hands hurt! Pathetic, really . . . ;-) All comments gratefully received.


  1. Oh these look great! I love the purple and blue ones. I sometimes use a pasta machine which helps soften clay, or even just hold it in your hands for a bit without really doing anything. Look forward to seeing what you do with your pebbles!

  2. Thanks for the comment :-) I have wondered about investing in a pasta machine, but I shall give the hand-warming a go first, as a cheaper option ;-)


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