Sunday 23 May 2010

It's (been) oh so quiet . . .

. . . on my blog of late. I'd fallen into a combination of busy, busy, busy in the non-blog world and a curious blogger's-block which meant that every time I sat down to compose a post I either couldn't think of a word to type or couldn't find a photo I wanted to share.

So I stayed quiet, until now. The dust in the non-blog environment is starting to settle a little, and that has helped free my mind also.

Like the spring after the winter, I feel I'm coming back to life.

So, what have I been doing? Well, I've moved house; nearly found everything I misplaced while moving house (including smithing tools!); finished a long and arduous Open University course; nearly finished a very long-standing silversmithing project; and I've got over the long, cold winter as it has melted into a late spring which is as warm as summer . . . until it turned cold again *sigh*

Something else I've been doing, after discovering where my silver had disappeared to, is a bit of jewellery making. Here are a few rings I've finished making, which gave a nice sense of satisfaction after such a time away from things, and also provides something for me to show you . . .


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