Thursday, 19 November 2009

Rings for my fingers . . .

With thoughts turning to colder weather and swirls of frost and ice promising an appearance soon, I've been playing around with ideas for rings these past couple of weeks.

I'm not great at sizing rings, tending to let them find by themselves which finger they want to fit, often because I've made them primarily for myself in the past and I'm pretty laid-back about such things.

And this particular style of ring does lend itself to reaching a size all on its own, depending on the curl created and where the ends meet. Part of the fun in making them is letting them form almost naturally, using the natural curve the silver wire possesses.

I'm doing a craft fair this weekend and so will take some of these along, see what people say. Sizing is more than a matter of whether a ring fits or not, feels comfortable and looks right, it's more than any measurement (large knuckles, anyone?); so it may make more sense to let any potential owner of a ring find out by trying it on, whether it does or doesn't 'work'.


  1. Hi there!
    Beautiful, elegant rings - and you are certainly right about them finding their owners. Hope you do really well.

  2. Rings... yes, tricky things to sell because of the sizing. Personally, I haven't tried selling rings but yours are absolutely beautiful and I definitely think you should start selling them online - I'd buy one!
    Kristin :)


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