Tuesday 11 August 2009

Something for . . . me : Rings part 1

I decided to combine a little soldering practice with making myself a couple of rings . . .

I think this a common crafter's affliction, whether you sell your work or not, may be to make things that always end up belonging to other people. I almost start to feel guilty about making things for myself, that the time and material cost would be better off going towards something that will perhaps sell or be a gift.

But I've collected a few small items for myself over the years, things I can't part with because I love them so much, or things I just stand no chance of replicating.

Sorting through my scraps box the other day I found some mangled and twisted pieces of silver sheet that looked as if they just might form rings . . .

Unfortunately I have yet to persuade myself to part with the money to buy a ring forming mandrel. So whilst I've been able to push the thinner ring, in the first photo, into some kind of wearable shape, the much thicker ring is still unwieldy and maintaining its decidedly oblong form that I had to persuade it into to solder it in the first place.

Tune in some time around the middle of September to see what they look like when they're finished . . .

In the meantime I'm working on finishing a necklace for, yes, me. The reason being is it's pretty much a prototype and I've been working on it an age and so this way I can give it a trial run and never have to part with it . . . photos up here as soon as it's finished.


  1. Looking forward to seeing the photos of the necklace!

    I think it's actually really important every so often to make a few pieces just to wear yourself. Not only for "advertising purposes" - though of course wearing your work is always good - it's also that you're buying yourself a present and that's something I've always been a great believer in!

  2. The necklace is finished! And it's mine!! I shall sort out some photos on me old camera later, try and upload them tomorrow.

    Yes, I like that about advertising/buying yourself a gift! I shall try and remember that when I feel guilty!


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