Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Shakespeare under a June Moon

A little late, I know, but on the last day of June I was treated to an evening of Shakespeare under clear skies and with warm air (until the sun set when it got chilly and hot coffee was needed), and with a perfect half moon, and even a balloon setting off on a flight just across the way.

We went to Leeds Castle where we saw A Midsummer Night's Dream, performed by the Globe Theatre and it was just fantastic. A wonderful cast, an idyllic setting, and a play that still makes you laugh over four hundred years after it was written . . . not bad at all . . .


  1. That must have been so lovely!! The last time I saw Shakespeare played outdoors I was a child and it was The Merchant Of Venice - and guess when it decided to start raining...

    You're so right about it still being funny 400 years on, too; he was truly one of the greatest writers ever.

  2. It really was magical - do try and go again, it really is better than you remember! (I went two years ago as well and got to see Romeo and Juliet in a thunderstorm and it was still magnificent!)


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