Wednesday 21 January 2009

Feature! Blackberry Crafts

Feeling on a bit of a roll - and discovering a good way of procrastination - I've decided to blog about Blackberry Crafts as well.

Another knitter (you can't have too many really, not given the weather . . .) Blackberry has a wonderful selection of fingerless gloves in her shop although the lovely mossy colour on the trim of this pair makes them, naturally enough, my favourite.

And some good news is, they're on sale!!!

Also on the Folksy site is this very sweet - and again on sale - little mushroom decorated purse.

Makes me almost feel I could venture outside again, with a few magical golden coins in my purse to throw into a wishing well somewhere . . . Hmm. Instead, I'll stay in and read Blackberry's inviting blog instead.


  1. oh how great those gloves look against all the beautiful rings.

  2. Thankyou! I'm pleased with how much love the Spring gloves are getting; they were my first two-colour pair. I really must do some more purses; the sewing machine has been neglected in favour of the knitting needles lately.


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