Saturday, 13 September 2008

A slow week for making things . . . but always a silver lining . . .

Not been the best weeks for actual jewellery making but rather more successful in finding things to display jewellery on! Yes, thoughts of the craft fair remain ever near . . .

A charity shop (Help The Aged - I'll give them a credit although it's never easy to find the same thing in other branches . . . ho ho) had a bundle of items out in the street (pedestrianised) and sitting right on top of them was this:

A potential jewellery display stand!

I hmmed and ahhed a bit. It was £2.99 which isn't much but is if you're trying to make money, not spend it. Then, indecision over, I bought it. The woman on the till (young. For some reason, Help The Aged seems to attract young volunteers, far more so than any of the other charity shops. If anyone knows why then please share! It's not important, I'm just nosy . . . ) asked what it was. I was stumped.

"I don't know," I said, "but I'm planning on using it to display jewellery." Which she agreed was fair enough.

Then I noticed a ring of metal within the structure, not dissimilar to the support you'd find . . . for a lightbulb in a lampshade. We commented a little on this, trying to work out exactly how the actual shade would fit over the curves.

I still have no idea. But I'm not too worried as I have a nice jewellery stand to go with . . . my other one!

This one is not second-hand and is what it says on the tin, or whatever metal it's made from. It is for jewellery display and should prove pretty handy for bracelets and earrings.

The first one will be more suitable for necklaces, I think, although a little experimentation at home led me to realise that it wasn't as tall as I thought and the necklaces wouldn't hang straight down. But it turns out this means the last third of them can be laid artfully on the table so not a disaster, in fact, probably a more effective display than if they just hang vertically as, this way, they should be 'more available to the eye'.

I decided to put that in quotations because it sounds like something someone who knows about such things would say. Ahem.

So, some photos, at last.

But, no, none of my jewellery yet. I see a new goal ahead - and will attend to it shortly! Honest! Otherwise you'll start to wonder if I actually make jewellery or just fantasise about it . . .

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